Hi, I'm Glitchy Scripts

I've been programming as a hobby since 2012. I have a Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) but my passion for software and game mods started way before the degree back when I really got access to the online gaming community for the first time (or simply put internet) and discovered some neat mods to games like Halo. I do spend most of my time around Halo related games but occasionally do tinker with others.

Early on I began with map making on Halo 2 Vista, writing some scripts for teleporting vehicles back to the top of my custom speed halo map. Then getting interested in programming I moved on to Minecraft modding and started a Halocraft mod after being inspired by this video Halocraft - Gameplay Preview. After 5 years of development on that (and progressing my programming skills from noob to advanced hobbyist in Java), I got involved in the Project Cartographer mod for Halo 2 Vista. That project involved Python, C/C++ and x86 Assembly, where I started off optimizing the Python server broadcast/relay code to use significantly less bandwidth. Then I moved onto improving the game by "it's just C++ and reverse engineering, how hard could it be?". And for the record, yes it is difficult and painful, but somehow I do enjoy it.

Throughout all that I'd have some mini project, school or uni assignment that would challenge me in other programming languages. So I like to think that I am well rounded and have a bunch of general skills which I can apply to any language to pick up and begin using with ease.

Online I used to go by the name of Killer Chief, however over time I found that name to be embarrassing/harsh sounding to mention around family and IRL friends. It's a typical 12 y/o name I'd come up by mashing some names together somewhat sounding like Master Chief... I eventually decided to change it to Glitchy Scripts. But a bunch of my old friends still call me KC (shorthand).

Here's a list of some of my social media accounts you can follow me on. Don't expect me to post much though; I've had a long history of never getting around to releasing or making videos.

Minecraft: KILLER_CHIEF, GlitchyScripts

Minecraft Forums: KILLER CHIEF



Twitter: killer_chief

Last Updated: 10.2020

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