Hello, Glitchy Scripts here!

Here's some old rambling chat of mine that I need to update...

So, you wanna know more about me eh? Alright, that's cool. Well I guess I am a pretty cool guy!
For starters, if you don't already know, I <3 working with computer games. Be it playing or modding them. I generally stick around Halo and Minecraft but I'm not affaid to reach out to others. E.g. CoD, Battlefield, Half-Life, Portal, CSGO, etc, etc. That list could go on forever! Well, almost. But my favourite is Halo 2 and has always been Halo 2 hands down. So I've extended my love by creating maps and mods for my favourite games (Halo & Minecraft).

Starting in Halo 2, I've created a few custom maps, but none have really been any good except for my Speed Halo map (where you drive down a narrow slope and flip the vehicle tons of times and dodge zombies then teleport back to the top) as well as a few mod apps for it too like my attempt at a Zombie App (there are many problems that make it difficult to do).
This however is all soon to change. My Zombie App was what you could call an outsider 3rd party hack (memory editing). But due to some new advancements, things like scripts will soon be able to be run directly from the game engine and can handle events as they happen instead of frequently checking for changes etc. like what my apps currently do from the outside. So basically I'm getting back into H2 PC modding (Even though Halo Online is advancing beautifully too).

Now on to what you probably already know me from: Halocraft, a Halo mod for Minecraft! I've been working on that mod for a few years now (probably too long), little by little, with no way to get any compensation for my work (except for donations) I might add (due to Microsoft Game Content Usage Rules). The mod adds some guns, equipment, characters, and vehicles from Halo to Minecraft. It is has been coded and arranged entirely by me but most of the textures and models were made by others like: Fabulous Miss Luna, Camo7, Hellcraftjz, and The Micahel. It's still a work in progress but it's definitely playable. I've been meaning to create a dedicated server for the Halocraft, where it's entirely survival apart from some battle arenas or something, but I've yet to fix / figure out a few issues with both the mod and multi-world plugins causing some issues. There have been other servers but they've all lasted only a short while.


So, what do you do for a living?

Uhh, University I guess. It gets pretty busy sometimes... I don't play online as often as I have in the past because I've had to concentrate more on my studies nowadays. But I may occasionally be on Halo 2 PC, Minecraft PC, or my Xbox 360. Also, I don't have an Xbox Live Gold subscription (I can't play online). In the long run it turns out to be a waste of money as I don't go on much so I don't bother getting a subscription. In the holidays I may but basically I don't have Gold these days. Oh yeah, and my friends list is pretty full, i just gotta go on a remove spree ay. 100 friends is the maximum on XBL sadly. So usually I have 1 or 2 slots left for 'important' people with the SAME game interests. If your friend requests aren't accepted or don't make it due to the 100 limit, sorry...


What's yo Tags?

Well I usually use the name/alias 'KILLER CHIEF' but depending on the site it may have a space, underscore or no space between Killer and Chief. However sometimes when that tag is unavailable I just append 22 onto the end (my favourite number). So I'll make a list of all the main things you might want to know me on:

Minecraft: KILLER_CHIEF  (/op that! ;p )

Minecraft Forums: KILLER CHIEF

Xbox Live: KILLER CHIEF 22

Steam: killer_chief_22


Twitter: killer_chief

Twitch TV: killer_chief

Last Updated: 11.2015

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