Halo 2 PC (Vista) Zombie App  

Yeah, so I've been working on this one for a while and it's pretty close to completion.

What is it? Well do you know the Zombies / Infection gametype that many games have? Yeah, like that gang up one where if you die you join the other team; which are the Zombies. Unfortunately, a functional gametype like this has only been implemented into the Halo's from 3 onwards... SO, I decided I would make it for Halo 2 (where it originated from). But it was not as easy as it sounds...

How does it work? Well unfortunately each user will need to do one of two things: Manually change teams when they die or risk getting auto booted by the server side app, or they can use my client side zombie app that receives messages the server sends to you from the server side app that does all the player team organizing (the reason why I made a client program to make you change teams is because no one knows how to force player teams from the server side using custom code). The app sounds great right? Well, there's a catch. :*( Any user wishing to use it must port forward the specific port that the server uses. By default I just chose UDP port 1117. Therefore, if you don't even know what that means, or are unable to do that, you have to change teams manually... But don't worry too much about it, the server tells you when to change teams. Well it tells everyone what team you should be on... So be on it when it tells you to!

E.g. "KILLER CHIEF 22 has been infected!" or "KILLER CHIEF 22 go to <Team Colour Here> Team!"

Btw, most of the time the Zombies are Brown team and the Humans are Red team, but occasionally it can be some other combination.

Anyway, here's the download link for the Client Side Zombie App: H2V Client Zombie App (v1.0).zip

From here down is incomplete, it has not been released yet!

Now the Server Side App for all you Dedicated Server owners!

This server side app is very much a work in progress but is still pretty functional! However I will suggest that any person wanting to use this should monitor their server closely for errors and weird game issues (they do exist). As after a while player tracking begins to fall apart due to bugs I had to work around when developing this app. If the game/app does break, I suggest you just restart both the app and the server completely to reset it back to normal.

Also the app is written for both the H2Server.exe and the H2Admin.exe process (Not the H2V Client). So be sure to set up the required locations for these when starting the app.

Anyway, here's the download link for the Server Side Zombie App: H2V Server Zombie App (v1.1).zip

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