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Halo 2 PC Forums (Fan Made):

Just because it is not official doesn't mean it isn't good! If you love Halo, and you love the PC, you gotta be part of it!
Chat, talk modding, talk servers, talk about good times! All Halo 2 on the Forum!


Halo maps remade in Minecraft:


Xbox Halo Mash-up World for PC by Heruh is here:

The Forum of the Minecraft Halo Map Pack by Onimushaiz is here:


Minecraft-Halo Texture Packs:

HALO Minecraft WARS by Camo7 is here:

HALO Minecraft Evolved Texture Pack by Camo7 is here:


Minecraft-Halo Player Skins:

Skins by Hellcraft JZ are here:

Skins by Camo7 are here:

HALO Minecraft Evolved Skins by Camo7 is here:


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