Halo 2 PC (Vista) Maps  

This page contains all the decent maps and files that I've made for Halo 2 Vista/PC.

So far I have created only one map that is a remake of the popular Speed Halo gametype/map where players drive vehicles down a long and bumpy ramp constantly getting flung around and going faster and faster until they reach the bottom, where in the case for this Halo 2 map, they actually do get teleported back up to the top of the map while still conserving the momentum that they had accumulated via a special technique I created (with the help of the H2MT(disbanded & dishonored group) members: Kills Alone and Kirby_422).

More details of that teleportation technique I made can be seen further below under the sources section.

Halo 2 PC Maps:

Monster Trucks v0.1:

Ram each other off the edge!

Map Download: monster_trucks_v01.map

Speed Halo v1:

Speed Halo has finally been brought to Halo 2! This map requires the Halo 2.5 custom mod/patch for it to work.

The aim of the game is pretty basic, but fun if you have loads of people, grab a vehicle and drive down the bumpy ramp tumbling and crashing your way to the bottom. At the bottom there are teleporters that teleport your vehicle back to the top so the key is to just keep driving or get flattened!

This map works with many gametypes like slayer, team slayer, oddball and zombies!

Map Download: speed_halo_v1.map

Halo 2 PC tags, scenarios, scripts and sources!

Speed Halo sources:

Map Sources: Speed Halo Sources

Speed Halo object teleportation documentation:

Documented Object Teleportation Scripts: Vehicle (Object) Teleporter Scripts.txt

Assisting Script Diagram:

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