WinSnatcher is a tool for windows that allows users to 'snatch' or steal the window of a GUI interface on a Windows PC. This allows better screen window sizing and positioning like resizing the window to expand over two or even more monitors! Some games allow you to see up to 90-90 degree horizontal vision so this is the next best free solution if you can't afford virtual-reality vision but instead have an extra monitor lying around!

To use, simply download and run the executable file and select a method to choose which window to snatch. You can then resize the screen freely as you wish! Note, to change the internal display size of the snatched window, hold shift then make the screen size change.

WinSnatcher v1.1.0.2: Download Here

Note: Currently there is no way to restore the original window after it has been snatched however this is being looked into.
Also, it is highly recommended that users do not tamper with any process they don't know about as they could be critical system processes and messing with them may crash the computer. Any Damages done with this tool are entirely the user's fault. You have been warned! (it's not like anything bad is going to happen anyway)

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